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Dr. Anshuman Jyoti, MD

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In my approach to Psychiatry, I side-step the common “labels” of depression, anxiety, Bopolar, ADHD etc., and have a steadfast conviction that being mentally healthy is the goal of any treatment. It's feeling energetic, confident, purposeful and connected to the people you love and interact with. It's having a clear mind, feeling motivated and able to make sound decisions. The quality of mental health defines one’s existence and aspirations. It's the glue to all your relationships and enables you to confidently cope with life's inevitable challenges and losses.

 Nobody is completely mentally healthy or mentally unhealthy. We all have aspects of our mental health which could be tweaked or improved. We can feel more purposeful, clear minded and liberated after a comprehensive evaluation. Does this mean that everyone needs to see a psychiatrist? Of course not…..but many do reach a point in their lives when they feel frightened, overwhelmed, vulnerable, “beaten down” and cannot function to the best of their abilities. This is when professional help is needed.

 I am respectful towards the sensitive nature of these illnesses. I eschew the misconception that psychiatrists "just prescribe medication." This is not my practice philosophy, as I focus more on psychoanalysis and well-being of the mind, and after performing a meticulous clinical assessment, I will outline a compressive plan including psychopharmacological and psychotherapy based approaches for my patients.  An avid sports fan, I believe in the “full court press”, or a comprehensive approach to psychiatric care.

In the context of a trusting, confidential and caring relationship, the treatment I recommend will dramatically diminish, and sometimes eliminate the pain and anguish you or your family member feels. As a medical doctor trained in psychiatry, I can diagnose and treat a broad range of psychiatric disorders, but as a mental health professional, I see myself a specialist in the promotion of what fundamentally makes life a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in life.

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