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Dr. Gohar Khosravi, MD

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About Gohar Khosravi

My name is Gohar Khosravi MD and I am the founder of Shafa Psychiatry Center. I am a physician specializing in both psychiatry and Ob/GYN with 27 years of experience. Currently, I am practicing as an adult psychiatrist. My philosophy is to believe in the potential of human beings and the fact that one treatment modality does not necessarily work for all human beings. I use different treatment modalities and above all, I listen to my patients, try to understand every individual, and collaborate with the patient to develop a personalized and research-based treatment plan that fits the patient’s needs and requests.

My approach includes cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, dialectical behavioral, and family systems psychotherapeutic interventions and psychiatric medication management for those who decide that psychiatric medications are a helpful tool.

Being an immigrant myself and struggling with cultural differences at the beginning of my immigration, I am well aware of the role of culture in psychiatry and I believe in responding sensitively and effectively to people of all cultures, races, and religions, in a manner that the inherent worth of the visiting individuals is recognized and affirmed.

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