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Dr. Latham Fink, MD

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About Latham Fink

My goal is to help my you thrive and become the most self-realized individual you can be. Often that entails at least some level of healing, whether physical, emotional, relational, or even spiritual, before we can leverage awareness of the obstacles that stand in the way of living our fullest. My approach to psychiatry is to seamlessly blend medications and therapy so that you can truly live. While medications can be very helpful at times, I don't believe in a magic pill. It is important that you share with me your values and goals so we can also collaborate to find non-pharmacological approaches to helping you thrive.
I treat a wide array of adult psychiatric issues, from minor mood problems to severe, incapacitating mental illness. I especially enjoy working with patients that struggle with ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma, and psychosis. I like to work closely with my patients' therapists to ensure that everyone helping you is on the same page.
My aim is to help you live better, regardless of the label attached to your problems. I see my patients as people. While that may sound obvious, the medicalization of psychiatry can often leave patients feeling alienated, as though their problems come first and their true self is secondary. I see my patients the other way around. Give me a call!

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