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Dr. Margarita Holsten, MD

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About Margarita Holsten


Welcome! I am medically trained to diagnose and treat psychiatric illness, and rule out medical causes of psychiatric symptoms. In my practice I rely on laboratory testing as well as very detailed history as part of your assessment. We will work together on a plan to get your life back on track. I offer a free 10 min phone consultation. Contact form available on my website

While traditional medication management of symptoms can be a part of the treatment plan, medications alone will neither address nor treat all causes of psychiatric symptoms. For example we might find that magnesium deficiency is a contributing factor to your insomnia or low thyroid level is the primary reason for your depression and fatigue.

If you find that your symptoms have been impacting your quality of life but you are reluctant to start medication or don't want it to be a long-term solution, then the integrative approach is right for you.


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