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Dr. Noel Espinosa-Sanchez, MD

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About Noel Espinosa-Sanchez

Primary Care Doctor

I am a fully bilingual physician in English and Spanish. My first interest to become a doctor was at the age of 5 years old. I attended my Microbiology bachelor's at Puerto Rico University in Humacao Campus. During this time I was part of the marching band, and I did research in the National Science Foundation.
Afterward, I attended Medical School in Ensenada Baja, California, Mexico, at Centro de Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco. During this time, I worked with communities with low-income or extreme poverty. I went to this area and teach the people about basic hygiene, prevention of disease, and nutrition. It was an enjoyable experience. I finished my career in medicine in 2011. My wife is from Puerto Rico too, but I met her during our medical school in Mexico. After I finished the medical training, we moved to Puerto Rico to complete the internship and social service. We have two wonderful kids.
I did my internship at San Cristobal Hospital in Coto Laurel PR from 2008-2009. During my internship I practiced in the following departments: Internal Medicine, Surgery assisting the surgeon in turn, Pediatric lumbar punctures, OB-GYN performing vaginal delivery, assisting in C-sections, ER, Outpatient clinic, ICU and Telemetry running codes, pic-lines, intubation, etc.. During the internship, I worked as a physician under the supervision of the attendings.
After I completed my internship in 2009, I was shadowing a pediatrician for a whole year, completing History and physical examinations.
I worked as a medical scribe in a Pain management clinic in Puerto Rico for two years 2010-2012. I assisted the doctor like a PA. I assisted the doctor in over 3,000 procedures, including Joint injections, MTPI, and steroid epidural injections. During this time in the summer of 2011, I went to my school in Mexico to complete the requirements to have my final degree MD Title.
Then in 2013-2014, I did my second Internship year, I worked as a Physician at Juana Diaz community clinic. My duties were to conduct examinations for patients with illnesses, including assessment of symptoms to provide treatment and prescribe medications. Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests. I acquired a lot of experience in emergency care and outpatient clinic. A typical shift included MI, DKA, hypertensive crisis, seizures, stitches, CHF, COPD exacerbations, dengue virus, viral syndromes, trauma, burns, etc.
In 2019 I got my Puerto Rico permanent medical license in General Medicine and since then I have had the experience to help the people of Puerto Rico, my home. In 2020 the Florida Department of health granted me an out-of-state Healthcare Provider license in order to offer telemedicine services to patients from Puerto Rico and Florida. Also during the COVID-19 pandemic, the temporary licenses from Georgia and New Jersey were approved and now I have the pleasure to offer my services in these two states too.
I'm a very dynamic, hardworking, and passionate person, who loves helping others, and spending time with my family. As a hobby, I like to play guitar and teach, my kids, the love of music. I hope to continue using all my skills, knowledge, and passion for furthering the field and improving medical outcomes, and encouraging the next generation of physicians. I'm a hard worker, a fast learner, and very hungry to grow.
I openly profess the Christian Faith. I like to treat everyone with love and respect. I do not discriminate based on religion, color, race, gender, or national origin. I understand that health is the balance between body, mind, and spirit. The medical advice and treatment that I provide is evidence-based medicine. In many instances, I cannot cure but I have a responsibility to always console. If you ask for my services you will see that very frequently, I will offer biblical spiritual advice and even personal and private prayer for those patients and their family that agree to this. I do not force anybody to believe what I believe. But I will try to help and provide treatment under my knowledge and after asking for written or verbal consent depending on each situation.


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