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Ms. Yerosha Meirzadeh, MA

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About Yerosha Meirzadeh


As an immigrant, I have successfully navigated what it means to create a new life in an unfamiliar place. My life history has led me to work with varied populations ranging from kids as they navigate their many worlds, adults going through life transitions, and adults struggling with addiction and navigating recovery. Working in addiction and recovery has been particularly rewarding, and my experience leading group therapy has offered foundational education for how to help people relate and lean on one another for support and growth. I specialize in Trauma Addiction Anxiety, Depressive Disorders, ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorders and Bipolar Disorder. I utilize an integrated approach in practice but lean heavily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic. I look forward to continue to grow, stretch, and learn as I work with new populations while continuing to sharpen my skills with populations I feel most comfortable with.

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