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Dr. Yola Fawaz, DC

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About Yola Fawaz


I am a 23-years experienced chiropractor working fervently in this domain.I owned my own clinic in Lebanon and worked enthusiastically to ensure patients’ healthcare and wellness are prioritized as well as they receive beneficial and high-quality treatment. My session includes the following: manual massage, adjustment, and high-quality machines. In effect, my patients call me “the magician” which I am truly proud to listen to since I know that I work from the bottom of my heart and maximize my potential to satisfy patients’ needs and show a difference in their lives. Being a success is my utmost duty since it gives me the opportunity to bring patients' energy and productivity back after they suffer from excruciating and acute injuries including car accidents and sports injuries. In fact, my passion grows in this field and so does my interest and eagerness to effectively treat people and show a difference in their lives.

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